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Hello, I’m Ekmand!

I'm Ekmand, a user interface and user experience designer, a member of my high school's marching band, a percussionist, and an avid Scratch programmer. I enjoy designing and creating little operating systems with it.

I create operating systems

My first projects on Scratch were little operating systems that were recreations of existing operating systems. Since then, I have advanced my skills in designing and programming by imagining brand-new operating systems.

I work with exceptional people

I've partnered with a fellow user interface designer, Hexsphere who made my branding and my website that you're visiting now. He offered his abilities for work on one of my latest Scratch OSs called EdgeOS. From there he's been one of my inspirations in user interface designing, plus working with me on new OS endeavors.

Becoming who I am today

I was always in awe about what others could create. I would view things that others would make, and be amazed. I always wanted to be able to create things like what interested me. When I was introduced to Scratch, something clicked. Since then, I've poured hours of effort into my first projects. From there, my skill and abilites increased with friends like Hexsphere. Now, he and I work together often to collaborate on projects.

My works

Ekmand Logo

Projects I’ve worked on

I take great levels of care to make sure everyone involved with my designs are satisfied. The projects I work on are primarily operating systems, user interface projects, and other bits of designing and programming.

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Scratch Website Redesign

Ethan Anderson (Hexsphere) and I collabarated on a redesign of the Scratch website. We wanted to see just what it could be if it had features that users wanted coupled with a design that was the same across the entire site.

Amazon Redesign

A redesign of the Amazon website that I created to show what I think the site could look like.

Oxygen OS

Oxygen OS

Oxygen OS is my most advanced Scratch OS. It features many UX focused apps, a fully featured assistant, and three UI themes.

Oxygen OS
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Edge OS

Edge is an a project that I work on with Hexsphere. He designs the UI, and I code it in Scratch. The UI design style is modern and clean. The OS is meant to be easy to navigate.


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